We ship worldwide. Use code ILOVEYOU and get 10% off!

We ship worldwide. Use code ILOVEYOU and get 10% off!

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I'm so happy with the dress that was styled for me. I have this particular style that I've posted for your reference and you assured me that I could get something that resembles it. So yay for the expert styling! This is the first time I bought a dress online so I was skeptic at first. Thankfully, it exceeded my expectations. 

Aliza Urayenza on her first StyleBox

This outfit arrived at my house in a little violet box, readily styled by @stylegenieofficial. Getting styled nowadays is as easy as filling up a form on their website. How cool is that?

Rhian Ramos, TV Host & Actress

I just received my order and the moment I opened it, I was surprised (in a good way). I love the sexy dress and how it fits perfectly to me. I can't wait to order again.

Jenefa Narido on her first StyleBox

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