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FREE SHIPPING for orders above Php 1,000 within Metro Manila

Fashion rules in school!

We understand every student’s struggle on choosing the perfect outfit for school everyday. For girls who have uniforms, we know how challenging it is to be stylish on top of the standard blouse and skirts. Do you want to know the secrets of being a fashion it-girl in school? StyleGenie shares the basics on how to become a stylish school girl.



Always make sure that you have a blazer that will suit any of your school get-up.


To feel the young and hip vibe, collect colorful handmade accessories and just wear it any day.



Scarves make your outfit up a notch! You can tie it in different ways to shape a more interesting outfit.



Layering could be tricky but it's fun! Take your layered looks to the next level by mixing & matching your basics.



Spot that geeky yet fashionable look with a classic specs.


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