Use code ILOVEYOU and get 10% off on any StyleBox

Use code ILOVEYOU and get 10% 0off on any StyleBox

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you know what style to give me?
Our genies carefully review your Style Profile
before mixing-and-matching clothes for your box.
So be sure to create your own, or our genies will be left guessing.

What if it doesn't fit me?
We have a 30-day Replacement Guarantee!  
Instructions will be emailed upon submission of your Exchange Form.

Who will be styling me?
We have a pool of stylists scheduled on a daily basis. 
Although the genies do not accept specific stylists on-request at the moment.

Where are all these clothes coming from?
Shh! But just between the two of us,
- we consign clothes from trusted local independent shops and your fave mall brands.

How many clothes do I expect inside my box?
We have indicated the number of clothing pieces you shall receive per type of Style Box.
Note that jackets, dresses, and overalls are counted as two (2) pieces.

Can I order a box for someone else?
Yes. We have e-Gift cards available for the special ladies in your life.

What are your available payment options?
-Dragonpay gives you more than 35 bank and over-the-counter options.
-PayPal for debit or credit cardholders
-PayMaya (7eleven) Cliqq Machines nationwide for convenience 24/7.
-BPI online transfer or direct bank deposit.

How long will it take you to ship my order? 
Shipped next day. Cutoff for payments every 5 pm daily. 
For payments after 5pm and during weekends/holidays,
shipping will fall on the next working day.

Shipped every 15th of next month.
Cutoff for payments before the end of this month. 

Automatically sent via email

What is the delivery lead time?
Metro Manila: 
24 hours after shipment
outside Metro Manila: 5 to 7 days after shipment
outside the Philippines:  varies depending on the customer's preferred logistics provider

Do you ship outside Metro Manila?
Yes - we do!
We have a fixed shipping fee of Php 200 for orders outside Metro Manila.

Do you ship outside the Philippines?
Yes - all freight costs should be shouldered by the customer via preferred logistics provider. 
We do not accept returns and exchanges.
Rest assured, proper communication will be taken into consideration to avoid styling issues after delivery. 

What is Shazuums?
Seriously?? Where have you been, lady?
Shazuums is how magical people say hello or bye. 
or simply the expression you give whenever your wish has been granted!